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"Two of a Kind"

Art Exhibition

Opening Saturday 1st April 2017 at 6pm

April 1 to 30

Everyone welcome.

Sturt Street Gallery

1867 Sturt Street,


(03) 53341217

TL17C27 My Star 300dpi
TL17C21 Autumn 300dpi
TL17C23 Hope Floats 300dpi
TL17C20 Nautilus 300dpi
TL17C19 Beauty in Bloom 300dpi
TL17C18 Violet Red 300dpi
TL17C17 Black and White 300dpi
TL17C16 Follow My Lead 300dpi
TL17C15 Gerrie 300dpi
TL17C13 Gum Leaves 300dpi
TL17C14 Ellie 300dpi
TL17C12 Out of Africa 2 300dpi
TL17C11 Out of Africa 1 300dpi
TL17C08 Tweet III 300dpi
TL17C10 Monarch IV P 300dpi
TL17C07 Tweet II 300dpi
TL17C06 Tweet I 300dpi
TL17C05 Roses are ... Purple 300dpi
TL17C04 Roses are ... Yellow 300dpi
TL17C03 Roses are ... Red 300dpi
TL17C02 Penrose Ribbons 300dpi
TL16C18 Merry and Bright 300dpi
TL16C17 Windswept 300dpi
TL16C11 Spring Garden 300dpi
TL16C08 Brain Wave 300dpi
TL16C05 Fancourt 300dpi
TL16C07 Love You 300dpi
TL16C06 Entanglement 300dpi
TL16C04 Floating Leaves 300dpi
TL16C03 Root to Infinity 300dpi
Shades of Purple 300dpi
Shades of Yellow 300dpi
Shades of Red 300dpi
TL16C01 Connexions 300dpi

A stunning exhibition from two emerging artists,   sisters and collaborators, Teresa and Lynda.

Teresa has a graphic design and computer background and Lynda taught mathematics and art for 22 years. Lynda enjoys the process of gathering ideas, exploring and developing possibilities and finally laying down layers of acrylic paint on canvas. Teresa enhances and complements the artwork by skillfully drawing tangles in ink with creative freedom and joy.

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