Classes & Workshops

Our goal is for all artists to learn step by step through many different styles, themes and mediums. This will foster confidence in your artistic ability and the creation of wonderful artworks with your own personal touch. We provide lots of inspiration and all the technical information you will need as we work through the skills needed to create your own artistic style.


Youngest Artists - 7 to 16 years - (please click for further details)

Thursdays - 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Fridays - 4.30-6.30

Sundays - 1pm to 3pm


An introduction to an artist studio environment. Classes are guided by a professional artist with more than 25 years teaching experience. This is a fantastic experience and an opportunity to express and develop visual skills and natural talent. Each class allows the artists to create a completed artwork using a variety of art materials such as pencil, charcoal, oil pastels and soft pastels, coloured ink, acrylic paint, clay and more!

Adult and Young Adult Classes - (please click for further details)

Fridays - 1pm until 3pm

Sundays - 4.30pm until 6.30pm

Mondays - 10am until 12pm

Mondays - 4.45pm until 6.45pm


Some of you will be reading this because you have always wanted to learn how to paint or draw but didn’t know where to start. Some of you, because you have put your paints and brushes down as life got in the way. 

You can join us anytime to be taught individually within a creative inspiring art studio atmosphere.  We teach all levels, beginners to advanced, touching on all mediums.

Our classes will rekindle your love of Art and help you create a wide array or original artworks in various mediums leading you to find the Artist you want to be.

oil pastel
oil pastel
paper mache
textured rose
White charcoal and pastel
oil pastel chicken
Oil pastels
Oil Pastel Polar Bear
oil pastel lion
Sturt Street Gallery & Art Classes


1867 Sturt Street, Alfredton, 3350

(Just north of Ring Road)

(03) 5334 1217



Public Transport

Ballarat City - Elaine Avenue stop

Opening Hours


Open 10am until 5pm

Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday


Other times by appointment only.